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omg omg omg!

So, I am so happy today! So earlier I downloaded the LQ version of the Rising Sun (Japan) MV and I tried to convert it but videora wouldn't! And I was going insane 'cuz supposedly they all looked suuuper hott in it. So I wrote Stells a note in health cuz I was crazy bored and it came up amongs my other rantings (the Yunho factlist was really entertaining to comment on during Health). So I came back from school and called Stell and we talked about how much SS501 sucks in comparison to DBSK (cuz they do) and I scrubbed the bathtub but then she's like "Oh I'm getting the HQ version off clubbox (which I can't use) when It's done I'll upload it for you" and I'm like OMFGNOWAY! and I got really really happy. Then I had to lave 'cuz people were coming to see the house and when got back she was all SAT practice but then she got back and gave me the link and I'm like "UNNI I LOVE YOU!" and so I transcoded it and it worked so I watched it in itunes. It was pretty effin; hot. When I get enough time I'm posting every screenshot of Yunho's exposed stomach I have which is quite a large bit ehhehehehe. OH! also I found a vair vair nice pic of Changmin's naked torso, it is featured in my icon (HOT)

now I'm off to listen to HOT Hengbok (Unni also sent that to me, I lurv her!) and then perhaps obsessively rewatch BOTH rising sun MVs
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