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Ok so I took the ACT *shudder* I'll probably have to take it again as my score will most likely not be too hot as I was mysteriously insanely tired and not even 1 3/4 can of Monster en-o-gy drink helped. Bleeeeeergh. Yesterday was a grood day for me! I kinda spent it on the computer after that fab horrifying test. Anyway, Helen's 2morrow for painting and junk and then I dunno for the rest of the week. But for noooow


OMFG! Yesterday, off of lovely Mezmerisz's journal, I downloaded the subbed version of the Ouran Host club anime. Yes...there be an anime. It was pure magic! Like, recently a lot of anime that's been coming out (newer anime anyway) has been complete crap! Done half assedly and as if the animators got into a meeting and said "hoy! Minna-chama! Let's slack off for this one and give the fans some bullshite anime and STILL get paid". I was so scared that the people who did Ouran would fuck up a perfectly good manga (and it was HILARIOUS, go read it!) but I had nothing to fear! It was amazing!

hahahahaha the lightbulbs

1:Kyoya as he is...himself *sneaks away from Kyoya family secret police*
2:Honey-sempai who's lightbulb went off w/ a bunny heehee so Like him
3/4: Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin who are love and magic and AMAZING and the twincest *cough*notreallyhomgthatwouldbelikesobad*cough* heehee! They realized w/ the uniform
5:Mori-sempai...........<3333333 he's so much magic and lurv and he's tall. To quote from Kyoya, "his taciturnity is his selling point" that and his shota type companion Honey who we're quite sure is his lover XDDD ::SHOT::. He figured out when he lifted her
6: LAST and dimmest =___= Tamaki our idiot king who actually had to see Haruhi with boobies and in a dress to get it like "Oh...are you a girl by any chance?"

this was an amazing first episode. Fantastic quality and amazing manga adaptation. I was so pleased I thought I might have been dreaming because I haven't seen ANYTHING this well done in a while. I hope it continues =333.

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehe! I can't wait for more. Meanwhile, just now...

SS:don't go!
JH:*removes arm and moves to get into the car*
SS:WAIT I have something to tell you!
JH:*halfway into the car* tell me later
SS:NO! wait! I...I like you!
JH:*stupefied stare*
My Mom: alright are you ready? Time to go to church
me: OMG NOOOOOOOOOO! *brainsplode*

AAAH THE DELICATE SPRING OF MY YOUTH HAS ENDED! but still more drama awaits AFTER church or maybe in church depending on if I have my small headphones hehehehe I loves my ipod

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