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Title: That Elric Gold
Rating: pg-13 for foul foul potty mouthing
Pairing: NONE!

~That Elric Gold~

"Those eyes that could say nothing one minute could, at the same time, be damning you to a million hells. People could mistake you for a bad person and often these eyes drive others away; it's in that way that these golden eyes are a curse, one that is passed down only for Elrics to bear..."
-Hoenheim Elric to his son Envy (age 5)

The prestigious military academy, Central Amrestis, was known to house quite a bit of troublemakers. One in particular, Envy Elric, loved to make his kouhais do many ridiculous things; partially because he loved seeing them tremble and partially because his annoying half brother Ed was among the lower classmen ranks.

Envy despised Ed quite a bit more than anyone knew. Everyone assumed that he was just teasing his cute little bro' like all older brothers are wont to do. But no, it was quite the opposite.

Envy hated the way Ed's large golden eyes would stare blankly at him whenever they spoke, how, with his slender and petit build, he was still more like their father than he, Envy, was. He hated how their father had left his mother for Ed's mother and loved her more than he'd ever loved Envy's.

"You're a nuisance" he'd snarl when they passed each other in the halls, and Ed would just give him a look that said more than any words ever could.

'You're pathetic'
'You're a fool'
'You're a jealous little bug'

Every time he met those hated golden eyes...

"now sing the school anthem" he yelled smirkingly at the younger boys and watched in glee as they opened their mouths and began to sing quietly.

"louder!" he cried and looked at them all trembling, torn between being afraid of the teachers who would eventually find them and the seniors who would do much worse if they didn't sing.

we're the proud and the brave
the outstanding of the crowd
we're the strength that moves the world
the future of our country
the ones who will bring triumph

The song wasn't particularly catchy to Envy, he just knew that Ed hated to sing it. And so he was filled with glee at the thought of the other boy miserably singing those hated words, beaten into submission by fear.

"Hey...that blondie first year isn't singing!" one of his classmated cried. Envy looked to where he pointed and was met with golden eyes.

'You're pathetic'

He snarled and advanced into the crowd of lower classmen, shoving aside those that were too slow to get out of his way in time.

'You're disgusting'

Those eyes looking directly at him, unblinking and direct, he flung aside another boy and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that the boy had broken something. He didn't care...

'You'll never be better than me...'

Those fucking eyes! That look that could see straight through him! That cool unassuming exterior that fooled everyone else, it couldn't fool him!

"Why aren't you singing?" he said when he'd finally reached Ed. The boy simply shrugged and continued to meet his gaze,

"why aren't you?" he said.


Envy's hand tingled and blood roared in his ears. His face twisted into a grin,

"think you're too good to sing do you!?" he cried. One corner of Ed's mouth lifted into a whisper of a half smile

"yeah...that's it" he said.



Envy roared, grabbing Ed's shirtfront. The boy didn't flinch but instead stared straight into Envy's eyes and maybe a little deeper,

"Do I? Or is that"

Envy screamed and hit him again. And again and again and again until the screams and shouts of the other boys faded from his hearing. Until his hands were dripping with blood. Until he was pulled off Ed's unresponding body and taken away.

And through all this he screamed.


"Edward-san...if it's not too rude to ask...where did your brother go?"

Freiderikki Norman had been curious as to where the elder Elric had disappeared to. It was the "hot gossip" of the school and no one really knew all the info. The only person who could possibly know was Edward Elric but he was rumored to be bad tempered and impudent. Yet Freiderikki needed to know, and so he had gotten up all his courage an asked him.

But Ed didn't say where his brother was...he had gotten up and given a great sigh, looking out the window he stood at.

"Who knows..." he said and walked away.

"who knows..."

"It's a curse I want to possess as his son, one I want so badly it makes my heart ache. The one thing that my worthless and absent father could have passed to me, he left for this little brat. This little worm who's mother took the place of mine in this house and whose presence took my place in father's heart..."
-Envy Elric upon observing his little brother sleeping

~That Elric Gold~

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