anpan_princess (anpan_princess) wrote,

Millionair's First Love

So, it sounds like a typical K-Movie yes? And actually the basic plot is very remeniscent of most K-dramas. But this movie, starring the talented and sexy Hyun Bin (My Name is Kim Sam Soon), was different. I've watched a looooooooooooot of dramas, many of them had really sad parts. Also I watched Tae Guk Gi which was really sad and I cried juuust a bit...more like eyes watering. But this movie made me seriously cry. Like, it's 3 am and I'm sitting at my computer just freaking sobbing. It was rrreally sad. Which means that it was an excellent movie. It takes a lot to make me cry.

OMG, I love this movie. It's up there on my list along with 'King and the Clown" which was an astounding film (I LOVE Lee Jun Ki). Now I'm going to sleep. Gotta go to the school 2morrow and get my permit validated...or something.

More on this later. But I KNOW there's a fic coming off this one.

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